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Doxa Vintage Sub 300T bezel removal with pics

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I Posted in another topic asking if ayone had removed a bezel from a vintage but no replies so I went ahead and did mine!

Hoping this will be useful to anyone wanting to remove their bezel for whatever reason or wondering what is underneath the bezel.

Anyway, very easy and really the same as with many older divers.

On the underneath of the bezel top there is a scalloped cut out at the pip. Reasoning the spring ends or ball or whatever is usually near to 12 I turned the bezel to 9 to avoid anything underneath.

Two layers of masking tape on the case and with careful use of a watchmakers knife the bezel pops off.

Underneath, all was well if a little cruddy. Spring comes straight out of it's locating hole. Clean the case, under the bezel notches and spring carefully.

Re-assemble making sure the spring lies flat and a notch of the bezel is located in the spring end. Press down to relocate the bezel and enjoy the crisper turning action.

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It... can... be... done! :-! That took some guts!!
Well, after reading a Rolex topic yesterday I thought I would go for it. Remember this only applies to the vintage original Doxas - not the modern ones with different bezel fixings apparantly...
nice job.thanks for the pics too.
Thank you so much for your effort. People like you make life easier for the rest of us!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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