MB&F has been part of Dubai Watch Week since its conception in 2015.  Max Büsser, founder and creative mind behind the brand, also now lives in Dubai.  But he states that his relationship with Dubai's largest luxury watch retailer, Seddiqui & Sons, started when he worked for Harry Winston and then continued with MB&F.  He opened his fourth concept gallery in Dubai art district in cooperation with Seddiqui & Sons.

The Dubai M.A.D (Mechanical Art Devices) Gallery is based in a art warehouse district where it would be hard to know that there is a large square block of eclectic art galleries and coffee houses.  The area has a very underground speak-easy vibe, but the moment you drive up to the square, it is clear with the rows of Lambo, Ferrari, and Buggati parked, that this is not an ordinary warehouse district.

Max and the Dubai gallery team invited few journalists and friends to explore the gallery.

While MB&F is known for outlandish and amazing watchmaking, it is a neat to experience all the mechanical objects, glowing, moving - inviting us to interact with them.  You feel like a kid in mechanical toy shop.

If you are visiting Dubai, warehouse art district should be on your To Do list.  Don't miss out the really impressive chocolatier next to M.A.D gallery; they showcase their entire manufacturing process.