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DuBois et fils presents the first in-house mechanism - DBF-CAL-100

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After more than 228 years, DuBois et fils presents the first in-house mechanism in its history. The new DBF-CAL-100 automatic movement was created based on a Revue Thommen Caliber.

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The original parts were partially replaced, revised, ennobled and minor technical improvements were carried out on the mechanism. Thomas Steinemann, CEO of DuBois et fils, says that an existing mechanism was very consciously used as the basis for the development of the in-house movement. "This allows us to know exactly what we're getting into. But above all, our analyses have shown the considerable potential which this mechanism still has." With greatly skilled workmanship, an in-house mechanism has been created that is no longer comparable to its predecessor. The interplay of the prevailing anthracite color with the ennobled parts gives the mechanism its distinctive character.

The DBF-CAL-100 is the heart of the DBF003 collection - a 3-hand self-winding watch - which will likely be available starting May 2014. With the production of this in-house mechanism, the traditional Swiss company has realised a long-held dream. According to Thomas Steinemann, further development of the DBF-CAL-100 is already taking place. Additional technical improvements, such as an increase of the power reserve, are already underway. The numerous development possibilities, which the mechanism offers, shall in the future be designed and realised in their own small watch workshop. This will clearly make the limited DuBois et fils watch models into one of a kind jewellery pieces.

Technical specifications:
Diameter: 25.60 mm (11 ½)
Height: 5.90 mm
Individual parts: 149
Jewels: 27
Power reserve: 42 hours
Frequency: 19,800 A/h
Tolerance: -0 / +10 seconds per day
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Not going to be cheap then but nice if you can afford one and the style suits
Tolerance: -0 / +10 seconds per day
Interesting how they're stating a mean rate within 10 seconds (like COSC's -4 to +6) but NEVER averaging to be slow.
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The DBF 003 will look like this

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looks very nice
Interesting how they're stating a mean rate within 10 seconds (like COSC's -4 to +6) but NEVER averaging to be slow.
That's really the only way it should be, because being early is always better than being late.
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