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Time for 8 years old DW-6900 to do some servicing. This watch was given by my father as a birthday present 8 years ago and it's been my daily beater. I swim, I play tennis, I run, I play basketball and I play gymn and this watch was always on my wrist. Few months back then, I went to this beach called " rayoung " in Thailand and then the problem started. All the rubber case fell off and crystal became foggy. Then I placed it under the sun but it didn't help.o| And today, I couldn't stand it anymore so I opened it and started the cleaning. As soon as I open the back case, I could smell a very strong chemical smell. Then I noticed that inside the watch it was sticky everywhere. Seemed like a glue that is exposed to some heat so it melts and sticky. (melted silicon that is put on O-ring ??). I also removed all the rusty areas that keep intact with O-ring. The glue-like substance are also on the dial and I had to clean the dial but it turned out a bit sad. Some writings on the dial are wipped out. o| At the end it turned out not so bad. It took me about 2 hours to do this since I went through the process slowly. Now I have to hunt down the spare rubber case for my watch. :)
By the way, what's that sticky glue-like substance would be ?



Thanks for the read
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