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DW-6900NB-4 x DW-6900MS-1 Mod Completed. Pictures Inside.

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After an almighty wait for my ms-1 to arrive I have finally put together one of the few watches I intend to 'create'

I have included pics of the leftovers as well which I think turned out to make a very nice looking watch as well. I'm not sure whether to sell or not now.

Let me know your opinions.

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I was tempted to swap around the 'G' buttons but i've been led to believe that it's a real pain so I thought i'd save myself the stress and anguish.

I will be 'attempting' a 'G' button swap on the third watch I intend to make which can be seen in the 5th post on the thread below.
Your mod has somewhat inspired me, once my DW6900 comes in the mail I'm going to stealth it out and then put a piece of transparent green film over the LCD to give it that "green" look :)
Well I will be selling the module from that watch soon so will give you a heads up when I post it on the classifieds. As for the purple 'G' button. It actually suits the black watch very well imo and doesn't quite work well enough for the stealth look I was attempting on the watch.

Below are the two remaining G-Shock that i'll have hopefully by next week if the parts all arrive. Might need to stealth out the button on the black one though really.

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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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