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Recently got my hands on what I believe is a NOS DW-D5600P-8, from Skywatch's physical location in my local Chinatown. It won a three-way battle between itself, a GW-M5610BA, and an AWG-M100SB, edging the rest out by virtue of functionality.

I had seen this model back when it was first released in 2014. The colour scheme caught my eye, but I passed over the square form factor in favour of a black and gold GA110 (my tastes were admittedly more mainstream back then). Like a typical love story, little did I know that we would meet again, years later.

Packaging is the standard issue Singapore (international?) black cardboard box. This one is showing some signs of age. Meanwhile my Gulfie lurks in the background, eager to meet the newcomer.

Metal tin, along with the manual and warranty booklets. Everything is in order here. Oddly enough, Skywatches does not locally serve a manufacturer's warranty but an in-house one.

And here she is! It's a she because she's not a '-man', and I'd rather have a lady on my wrist. Ahem. Anyway, the blue on the faceplate is quite a dazzler. Probably the very last bit of blue before you can call it turquoise. Or the bluest shade of turquoise. Will be a **tch to match with my denim and chambray jackets. Also, now that it's in front of me, it's weird to see a dot matrix day on a basic square.

You can see how the bullbar fits onto the bezel from this picture, it doesn't go all the way around the watch. I have a feeling Casio purposely designed it this way for people who can't get used to the look. Note the welding point on the middle of the right side. Oh yeah, I haven't even taken the sticker off yet. Maybe I'll wear it and sweat all over it and make it slough off by itself :-! Also, I wonder why Casio doesn't put serial numbers on non-solar G's.

Like my GLX-5600, this one has a matte finish buckle, which I love.
Also, note the band, which is the same type found on the GW-5000 (and I swear, a DW-5600 I saw somewhere had this same band). I'm not sure if the resin is the same, but this has got to be my favourite band out of all the G's, due to it's suitability for tiny wrists. The ends adjacent to the bezel don't have as aggressive a zig-zag as the typical squares, so it bends and forms to a small wrist MUCH more easily. That said, this B&B combi might not be suitable for log-wristed persons, it's noticeably shorter than my other bands. And usually I use the 4th or 3rd from last hole - on this one, I use the 5th from last. The keeper is snug, on the verge of tight, which is good. It means the strap won't slip out of it easily.

Here it is without the bullbar. It was very easy to take off with just a fingernail, and even easier to put back on. As you can see, the bullbar fits the bezel just nice. Almost no marks or indentations, apart from a tiny scuff on each corner (looks huge in the picture, but less noticeable in real life). Looks quite decent this way.

Functionality-wise, I eventually chose this over the GW-M5610BA mainly due to the absence of atomic timekeeping. I prefer a watch like this not to have any superfluous functions that I can't use effectively, and in my time signal deadzone, that is exactly what MB6 becomes.

Things I like:

Crisp LCD
- this thing is really sharp. I could run my finger over the screen and get a cut. Very pleasant and easy on the eyes, and I suspect will be even more so as time goes on. After all, once the novelties wear off, we will still keep looking at the time, right? This sharpness is probably due to the...

CR2025 battery
- the original DW-5600 ran on a significantly thinner CR2016, reaching battery lifespans of 5-8 years on average, way more than Casio's 2-year estimate. This is a basic module without sensors and other fancy frills, so imagine how long it can run on this battery...

- the 5600 crystals are the easiest to scratch due to the shallowness of the bezel compared to other models. The bullbar should offer a lot more protection in this regard.

- repeatable, the 30s and 10-0s alerts are great, especially for HIIT.

- Best. Band. Ever. (for me)

Colour Scheme
- The grey is perfect, the little hit of pink is perfect, the blue is perfect to look at but it's a real pain to coordinate with.

Things I don't like:

- noticeably gets in the way of pressing the buttons.

- no home time displayed, but then again pretty much every G except the DW-5600/6900 has this problem as well.

Overall, this 5600 is near-perfect for me. It is super comfortable, on par with my Gulfman. The bullbar really adds to the sense of security which G's already have plenty of. Display is amazing. Here, have some wrist shots.

Without the bullbar

In crappy, cool lighting

Ah, that looks better
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