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Easter Egg in G-7710

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Dear Members of the G-Shock Forum,

After lurking around for five or more years, I have found something that maybe is worth reporting.

I have used a G-7710 for the last five years. It is in its second battery (the first lasted four and a half years),
we go together to the sea, to the swimming pool, bath together, bath my child, cook, travel, wakes me up every days since I bought it, painted
the house with it, teach with it. I occasionally cheat it with a GW-3000 i bought for myself (but don't find as comfortable as my trusty 7710).

So the thing is, remembering that old digitals reset when all pushers were pushed simultaneously, I decided to check what the behavior of my 7710 would
be in that case. Nothing happened, but I discovered something that to the best of my knowledge is not documented in the manual nor in the web.

I decided to call it "an Easter Egg" in reference to what happens with software having an undocumented functionality. The following steps (with pictures) show what I have found:

Step 1: In HT mode, press Adjust-Mode-Start Stop pushers (in that order altogether) to get this screen:

Watch Dive computer Wrist

Step 2: Press Start-Stop pusher to get this other screen:

Watch Camera lens Cameras & optics Camera accessory Lens

Step 3: Press the Start-Stop pusher to get this screen (it shows the module number, that is 3095):

Watch Dive computer Watch accessory Wrist Fashion accessory

Step 4: Tilt the watch to test Auto EL

Watch Camera lens Lens Photography Wrist

Step 5: Press the Adjust pusher to test the red diode:

Watch Dive computer Wrist Fashion accessory Measuring instrument

Step 6: Press the Mode pusher to test the green diode:

Watch Dive computer Technology Gadget Diving equipment

Step 7: Push the Start-Stop button to return to HT (that is, normal mode operation).

Watch Wrist Fashion accessory Watch accessory Metal

Hope this might be of interest to you.


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Most (all?) G-Shocks have a test mode.

The G-7800 has a similar test mode to the G-7710. I mentioned it here:
@inox Interesting... you can change settings in G-7800 while in this "test mode". Regards.
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