Alright folks, as promised, we spend some time compiling your questions after our last article on eBay Authenticity Guarantee, and between here and Instagram there were a number of items that required a bit of clarity. We've done our best to get as much clarity from eBay as we can, and added in a few follow-up questions of our own after getting the initial round of replies. These responses come directly from eBay Watches HQ, and apply specifically to the Authenticity Guarantee program that currently only runs for U.S. buyers. Let's get into it, shall we?

Does a watch being determined as inauthentic/fake result in losing the watch outright as a confiscation?
eBay: If an item is determined to be inauthentic, eBay reserves the right to confiscate the item- neither buyer or seller will receive the item; in addition, eBay will work with the proper authorities as needed.

What recourse would the seller have to appeal the authenticator's findings?
eBay: Sellers can contact eBay customer service to appeal their cases and our dedicated watch customer service agents will be in contact to resolve the cases.

In cases of confiscation. What happens if a seller mistakenly sells something that turns out to be inauthentic? I understand confiscating and reporting when a company is selling a new watch with the clear intent of defrauding a buyer, but what about a case of an honest mistake? Is eBay still legally in the right to confiscate property?
Yes, eBay reserves the right to confiscate any inauthentic watches regardless of seller intent.


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Who pays for the authenticity check? Is it part of the commissions taken by eBay from the seller/is there an additional cost to the seller?
Currently eBay covers the cost of the authentication inspection, meaning there is no cost to the sellers or buyers.

Do all watches inspected for Authenticity Guarantee go to Stoll in Dayton, Ohio, regardless of where the seller is located?
Correct, all luxury watches with Authenticity Guarantee badge go to Stoll today.

What is the correct method of shipping to eBay in Ohio? USPS Priority with insurance maybe?
eBay recommends fast and insured shipping to authenticator because it adds protection for sellers should an issue occur during shipping.

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Do Authenticators look at the condition of the watch in contrast to its images/details in the listing?
Yes, authenticators review the conditions along with other elements of the watch and compare it to listing images and descriptions to confirm the same watches were delivered as sold.

As an example: A watch is sold as being in "good condition" and passes authentication, but upon receipt the buyer notes that there are scratches or marks on the watch that were not disclosed in the listing or clearly photographed. The watch is listed as "returns not accepted". What recourse does the buyer have in this instance?
The eBay Money Back Guarantee will protect buyers from receiving merchandise that did not match listing descriptions despite seller return policies. Find out more about eBay Money Back Guarantee Policy here.

Will Authenticity Guarantee determine whether or not a watch is new versus pre-owned/worn? What repercussions are there for a listing that is "not as described"?
Authenticity Guarantee ensures that the watch delivered matches the listing description when sold and that the watch is authentic. In cases where watches are found to be not as described, watches will be returned to sellers.

Does eBay have a grading system for watches? Is there an intent to standardize a grading system for further transparency with regards to condition?
eBay does not have a grading system for watches in place.

And there we have it! There are a lot of talking points in here, and I'm sure there will be no shortage of questions or comments to follow. I'm the first to admit that the confiscation matter is laid out the way that it is, however to some respect I can understand their position. It would be legally challenging to say that they'll return an inauthentic watch to its seller if they "didn't mean to", and with these efforts in place to stop the sale of fakes, it makes sense to a degree that the burden is on the seller to be certain of the authenticity of what he's selling.

We hope this helps to provide some additional clarity to both buyers and sellers on eBay moving forward.

As an aside, poke on over to the new @ebaywatches Instagram page, as the brand is planning to host more giveaways there over time.