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Hi all long time lurker here........

I have only ever brought my watches new so forgive my trepidation. I am looking for a nice classic omega that I can put on a leather strap and after a recent acquisition of a new seamster I feel second hand is better for the hip pocket.

I have found a potential candidate but I note from some basic research that this model has a few replicas in production. I know there is not a lot to go on but I thought I would get some opinions. The seller says that there is no paperwork or a box (a worry for me) and it is ten years old. He is yet to get back to me with a picture of the back and he lives out of my states so taking the back off for a peek at the movement is out.

I am leaning towards no but I feel that with the scratches buffed out and on a leather strap it could be nice....

omega deville.JPG
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