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Video at the end of the post.

Apologies for my not so good English :)

I set up to find a cheap, yet decently made watch that combines all of the below features in one package:
- All titanium - case and bracelet.
- Full analog.
- Date with perpetual calendar.
- Radio control.
- Cheap.

Of course, I could've bought Casio, Citizen or other respected brand. But any of those costs at least twice the price of the ETT watch.

So, what about this watch ... Well, the thing is that there is not enough information about this watch on the Net. There are some resources like German online shops which gives basic info about the watch -dimensions and basic functionality and usage instructions. Based on these and on my guess as what ETT might have done to cut the price so much, I gambled and bought the watch.
It says the ETT brand is German, but I don't know whether the watch has been manufactured, or at least assembled in Germany. My guess is no. I also don't know what is the movement or any other technical details.

First of all the watch does have all of the things that I wanted - it is definitely titanium. radio controlled and perpetual calendar although the last two kind of overlap in terms of functionality,but not entirely. See, I want to have perpetual calendar so the watch can always show the correct date even without receiving the radio signal.

Watch Details
Brand ETT Eco Tech Time
Series Everest
Category Radio Controlled Solar
Model Number EGT-11220-32M
Case Material Titanium
Case Colour silver
Case Width 43 mm
Case Thickness 13 mm
Bezel Material Titanium
Glass Mineral
Band Material Titanium
Band Colour silver
Clasp Push Button Clasp
Band Width 22 mm
Wrist Size max. 21,5 cm
Movement Quartz
Radio signal reception DCF77 (EU)
Display Type Analogue
Dial Colour blue
Water Resistance 10 bar
Calendar Date
Radio Controlled yes
Solar Powered yes
Item Weight 130 g. I weighted the watch to be exactly 100 grams.

Now, what is the bad ? ...well, obviously something must be missing in order to keep the price two times lower than the cheapest watch from known brand.
Actually there are many things missing like ... motors. There is only one!! motor in this watch. And it drives the seconds hand in only one direction - clockwise.The minutes hand, hour hand and the date wheel are mechanically coupled with the seconds hand - just like in your cheap quartz watches with date.
I am sure that you allready know what this means. That's right - changing the date from 30th to 1st can happen in only one way - spinning the seconds hand like crazy, in this case - one revolution per second (or one minute per second - it sounds strange, doesn't it? :) ) until the hour hand does two full revolutions so the date wheel can turn to the 31 and then to 1. This is far from ideal as it creates excessive stress on the movement and it consumes a lot of power.
Now, this watch has a power save function - when it is left in dark area for 3 days straight, it stops pulsing the motor. So, imagine if you leave the watch in a dark place on the first and take it out on 31st ... you get the picture. Also change from 30th to 1st takes a little more than one minute. Click on the second video link to see the watch seconds hand spinning fast.
There is another thing - the watch has only one time zone - GMT+1 (GMT+2 for DST), that is the time zone for Germany. Also the watch can receive only the German DCF77 time signal, so it ain't your multiband 6 Casio for sure ...
What happens if you travel or if you leave in another time zone - the watch has a manual set function but with that you lose the perpetual function of the calendar because there is no way to input the year and the month manually. And if you can still receive the DCF77 ? - well, your watch will show wrong time, 'cause you can't tell it how to calculate the right time.
I think this will be enough to discourage many to buy this watch but not me :) I have never owned a titanium watch so I wanted to make myself a present for my birthday and I have 'built' a cheap and reliable DCF77 emulator to test the accuracy of other radio controlled watches. The emulator consist simply of a Raspberry Pi zero W and a software that I found online.

The program uses the clock generator of the ARM processor to approximate the DCF77 77.5kHz carrier frequency and with clever manipulation of the signal it can also do the amplitude modulation encoding of the actual time signal. However, this method actually generates a square wave so there will be a lot of higher order harmonics. In any case, this works perfect to synchronize all kinds of radio controlled watches. Here is a few pictures of the emulator syncing watches.

WP_20170720_12_56_06_Pro (2).jpg

It can sync watches to a few milliseconds of the atomic time, so it works just as good as the actual signal. Of course the "coverage" is just a few centimeters from the coiled antenna but you can control the transmitted time information by simply setting the time of your choice on the internal clock of the raspberry pi or just change the hour while keeping the NTP synchronization for the seconds. You can consider this emulator as an NTP to DCF77 converter in some sense.
So, I decided this would be good opportunity to put this emulator to real usage and it actually works pretty good. The ETT watch movement is quite accurate as well - loosing a second in about a week.So, just a couple syncs per year is enough to keep very descent accuracy through out the year.Of course, I sync it almost every night. :) I know the watch tries to sync every night at exactly 3 am so I created a schedule to run the program every night at 3 am; the program has a run time of 10 minutes so I just leave the watch close to the antenna and it syncs without issues each time.

General video of the watch:

Short video showing the watch spinning the seconds hand:!Auo0heLS7Im3hJRfHw5J2Fw-FmBrbA

Hope this was interesting for you..
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