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I've long been a fan of nixie tube technology but never been sure about reliability and costs. As an budget alternative I found this LED "Lixie Tube"kit from Eleksmaker. I had a fun couple of hours putting it together today. Something like 200 parts but straightforward enough if a little fiddly at times. The most time consuming bit is peeling off the protective plastic layer from the front and back of the 60 plexiglass plates that sit over the LEDs and trying to keep them dust and smudge free before insertion - it takes ages!

Each digit is fully customisable across the colour spectrum and there are several effects available as well but I prefer just one colour and always on. The settings (time, colours, effects) can be done by plugging into a laptop and using downloadable software or you can do it manually with buttons on the clock itself.

Overall it feels like a quality piece of kit and looks quite smart. I also think its good value at around £75. The display actually looks a lot better than I've been able to capture in these shots.

I followed this video guide to help me construct it:


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