Emmanuel Bouchet? Who's he? Only one of the most respected watchmakers working in the industry today. Having spent several years producing timepieces for some of the world's most prestigious brands, he is now turning his creativity to his own brand, challenging watch making's tradition bound codes by creating timepieces that are at once classic and revolutionary.

In just over a year, the brand's activities from Las Vegas to London have gained the recognition of collectors and critics alike, earning Emmanuel Bouchet a nomination for the top six in the GPHG's Mechanical Exception category in Geneva. Baselworld 2016 saw the debut of Emmanuel Bouchet's latest creation: Complication One Blue.

Complication One Blue is more than a mere mechanism for measuring time. The case is as groundbreaking as the complication itself, showcasing white gold with blue PVD coating.

This new option joins the core range which includes rose gold, white gold and titanium ADLC. Each case version is available with either a black onyx or chalcedony dial.

For the blue PVD to show a high level of gloss, the initial base stages of production must be perfect. And for crisp, continual coloration, the initial case must be flawless. Emmanuel Bouchet takes a perfectly finished, immaculate white gold case and applies a blue PVD treatment.

Caliber EB-1963 powers the Complication One collection. This caliber, created by Mr. Bouchet, is a mechanical, hand-wound movement comprising 485 parts and developed exclusively for the Complication One collection. It is entirely made in Switzerland. Housed in a contemporary 44mm case, Emmanuel Bouchet has given the mechanism a prominent place on the dial ensemble, positioned as they are at center stage.

The double escape wheel with inward teeth and the anchor, with their reimagined design, offer a striking indication of time's flow. The escapement in Complication One is not merely for a regulatory purposes but is also a world first in terms of both the mechanism and its function. In fact, it directly powers the display of time featuring jumping hours at the 8 o'clock position, jumping retrograde minutes and tens of minutes at the 4 o' clock position along with seconds and day/night indicator at the 12 o' clock position.

The double barrels within Complication One Blue guarantee 55 hours of power-reserve. One barrel drives the gear train to the escape wheel, regulated by a free-sprung balance on a Breguet type overcoil. The second barrel keeps the transmission escapement on the dial under tension. This escapement snaps forward every fifteen seconds to replicate what goes on in the other escapement five times a second.

The center wheel of the first train rotates an elliptical triangle, which turns in the lever fork on the dial, swinging it aside every fifteen seconds to unlock and lock the double escapement wheel. Poetically 'slowing down' time, it is now possible to view the power delivery from the escapement, centered proudly below the deep and dramatic sapphire crystal.

The novelty, Complication One Blue, is limited to ten pieces worldwide. Emmanuel Bouchet will produce up to 100 units of Complication One in total so as to preserve the elite and exclusive approach of Emmanuel Bouchet. The watch will sell for $115,000.

The Complication One Blue is officially Bhanu approved.

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