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Ive had a Sunnto Core All Black for about 4 years now and it's been all over the world with me. I love the watch but the stuff it comes in (case and strap) is far from upto scratch with the internals.

Ive had to buy at least 1 replacement strap each year (the retaining loop keeps snapping) and the bezel is now pretty much completely silver as the paint seems to come off really easily. I know it's only cosmetic but it looks really scruffy and it's affecting my OCD ;)

Ive heard lots of negative stuff about the customer service agents, the price of getting it serviced, they don't just do replacement parts and don't fancy paying over half of the cost of the watch for a new bezel. Shame as I really love this watch.

So, assuming the customer service is still patchy, can anyone suggest a similar quality, robust watch but one that has better housing, and/or is cheaper to repair and get parts for?

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays
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