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I have taken quite a fancy to some vintage Enicar (Sherpa Jet) watches, but know very little about the manufacturer. Does anybody know anything about these watches, do you have experience with them etc.?


Well, here are some facts you might already know:

The creation of the brand name seems a bit funny. Enicar was founded by Artiste Racine (Racine Watch Co) in 1914 in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, known as a mecca of swiss watchmaking and watchmaking tradition. If you spell R A C I N E backwards you will have E N I C A R. Complete name: Manufacture d`Horlogerie Enicar SA.

The business objective - when starting up the business - was the production of lever watches with a wide selection of movements.

Later the factory moved to Lengnau (Longeau), the german speaking part of Switzerland. Here a specialization took place, Artiste Racine got specialized into sports watches which have been sold unter his trademark „AR in a Pentagon"

which later changed (see gifs).

Starting in the 30ties ENICAR sold watches under the following brand names:
* Longeau
* Alprose
* Etsira
* Savillon.
These watches have been less expensive but weren´t of the same quality the top brand watches have been. "Swisbaby" was a wrist alarm watch made by ENICAR SA (pin lever movement 500).

In the 60ties (around 1962) ENICAR started to produce automatic movements of their own, the „Rubirotor" is one example of Enicar´s timepieces out of that time period. Till that time ENICAR watches haven been fitted with "ebauches" made by A.Schild (AS).

ENICAR watches haven been known for their durability, they have been made to extremly high standards as many went to export to China where there has been only little watch making/servicing knowledge.
In 1956, members of a swiss Himalayan expedition relied on Enicar watches and as the history will tell you the expectations were fully met. The „Sherpa" models have become world wide known after that; to name some models: Sherpa, Sherpa Time (with world timer bezel), Sherpa Ultradive (with inner dive time wheel), Serpa Star, Sherpa Jet.

The Enicar Serpa Dive was rated wr to 200 M. The technical gimmick of this watch was a patented back, which was equipped with a bayonet socket (German: Bajonett-Verschluss, I hope I translated right or understandable at least).
The bezel was oil-embedded which should guarantee a long time faultless handling.
Accordingly the Sherpa Dive was used by military units. The watch was advertised as a part of the Rebikoff Dive Equippment by dive pionier Hans Hass.

Other interesting models (you may search google for pics which will lead you to some wonderful watches):

Enicar Automatic Digital Jump Hour (a watch which fitted the taste of the 70ties)
Enicar Sherpa Jet Graph (a chrono with bi-colour 24h bezel)
Sherpa Worldtimer

Pic by

The Sherpa Jet you are interested in is powered by a caliber AR 1146B, 11 3/4 linies which is a diameter of 26,51mm, height 4,9mm, 24 jewels, Glucydur balance, flat spring, Incabloc shock protection, ball bearing bi-directional rotor.

Ebay would be a good source to fetch some vintage beauties, but be warned: they aren´t cheap. ENICAR still has a good reputation.

Klassische Armbanduhren von A-Z, Gisbert L Brunner, Chr. Pfeiffer-Belli, Ebner-Verlag, ISBN: 3-87188-250-X
Wristwatches, same authors, Könemann editors, ISBN: 3-8290-0660-8,
Armbanduhren, 100 years of development, Kahle, Mühe, Brunner, Callwey editors, ISBN: 3-7667-1241-1.

Thanks to for this pic​

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Thanks a lot Mike and ffamora. That was a lot more info than I hoped for. I was mostly interested in how they rank quality-wise, and I think I have a pretty good idea now. Had my eye on a beauty on the bay, but I don't think I'm the only one as the price is moving it steadily out of my reach:-( .

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I just purchased an Enicar Star Jewels. I have yet to receive it. It is a great looking watch. does anyone know about this model? (Value range, original price, quality, etc.) Woo hoo, go Swiss!


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Some more Enicar trivia:
Enicar was always more popular in Asia than in the United States, where the brand is almost unknown to those who aren't watch fanatics (like us :-d )
In fact, when the People's Republic wanted to jump start their own watch industry back in the 50's, they based the Cinese standard movement on an Enicar design. That hand wind movement can be seen in dozens of internet brand watches selling on eBay right now.
Several uber-expensive Chronoswiss models use movements based on old Enicar designs.

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Hi guys,

My Enicar Sherpa-Graph is up for sale at my local dealer. (already on hold!)
This is one good quality watch, the valjoux 72 is not the standard cheap version used by a lot of companies, but a goldplated and regulated version with high quality components.
Mine is in mint condition, but as I'm not a watch collector, and it didn't get any wristtime I decided to let it go. (but with a tear in my eye).
I like the Enicar brand, and did some research myself.
If you can pick up a nice one for a good price, go for it.
I think it is an investment for the future.


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