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Eterna Pocketwatch Help Please.

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Hello Timewatchers!

I was hoping I could get some info on this watch I have from some of the resident experts here or anyone that could shed a bit of light on this thing. It's an Eterna Challenger "Birks" pocketwatch. It was my grandfathers who passed when I was a kid 35 yrs ago. It was given to him by Canada Steamship Lines and has an inscription on the back for 25 yrs. of service. The date in the inscription is 1953. It's a 17 jewel Eterna in a Keystone 14k (gold filled I think) case. I now live in Ohio and nobody here has heard of Birks and I explain Birks was like Tiffanys down here. Anyhow, big question is: Why can't I find anything about this watch? There just seems to be zero information on Eterna pocket watches. Checked online for Birks commissioned watch makers and Eterna brand movements and still cannot find another one that has this large Eterna movement in the Challenger design. The chain and pocket knife seem to be gold plated. All this has been under a glass domed display thingy and has just sat on my dresser forever. I'd like to get a guesstimate on value if possible. The pics don't do it justice. It has no scratches on the open face that i can see and wear in minimal on the case. The Eterna movement is totally mint and works perfectly. Thank You Thank You for any input.


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It's a nice example of a late Eterna pocket watch, and if you plan to use it or even wind it, I would strongly recommend getting it properly serviced. We don't do evaluations here, (see sticky) but my guess would be that it has more sentimental value for yourself than it's actual market price.
I did wind it last night and it's still running now. Should I not touch it again until serviced? Keeps good time :) I only wound it 10 ratchet cranks(if you know what I mean). Don't think it has ever been run since 1953.

I actually don't have an attachment to it. My grandfather never used it or cared from what I remember. I just ended up with it. I love a good timepiece but prefer wristwatches. Not a collector or anything. I wear a Tag Heuer Indy 500 and an older Swiss Military. I'd like to sell the Eterna but really don't have anything to compare it to. Don't know how to price it at all. Sorry about posting before reading the stickys.
If it hasn't been serviced in a long time, each time you wind it or let it run, it will cause small damage. The oils will have dried up long ago, and any dirt in the movt will grind against metal. Those who read my posts know that I myself destroyed a watch by simply winding it and running it, an old NOS dive watch. It took about three months to cause catastrophic damage to the point where wheels had to be replaced, etc. This is also assuming there are no hidden problems, like a cracked jewel, which will literally eat a pivot. Best to get it serviced by a watchmaker if you plan to run it. If you simply plan to sell it, just put it on the 'Bay with 'as is' in the description. If you search around pocket watch listings, you will get an idea of what they are selling for, checking finished auctions.
A nice post war example of an Eterna pocket watch! The movement is some Eterna version of the ETA 953 or derivative (the two companies, although apart on paper, were still closely tied together in those days):

bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: ETA 953

Hartmut Richter
Thank You for the link and the Info, I won't touch it again till I do something with it. Called my mom for more info and she said that she had it checked out years ago and was fine then and the watchshopdude said it was solid 14k gold. Been researching all afternoon and still don't know what I should ask for it. Maybe it's weight in gold plus $50 for my headache it gave me today reading page after
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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