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The watch has been serviced in Japan in 11.2022. I've had the watch sent to service to the local AD, they sent it to the Seiko HQ in Germany and the HQ sent it to Japan. I was told that the full service can be done ONLY by Seiko Japan, not even in Germany was possible.

This is an extras from an article on which confirms that and more:

'SERVICE AND CAPACITOR REPLACEMENT: Seiko’s service price for the caliber 9T82 starts at $735 USD. This is a base price and does not necessarily include any other parts or overhaul processes that need performed to get your watch up and running. The high cost is partly due to the fact that all 9T series movements must be sent to Japan for servicing. Furthermore, the capacitor for the caliber 9t82 is not available for sale. Unlike most kinetic watch capacitors which can be purchased on Amazon, the 9T82 apparently uses a special capacitor which Seiko does not provide to parts accounts or service centers outside of Japan. It has been rumored that since the 9T82 was released, Seiko has updated the performance of the capacitor they use (though, this claim has not been confirmed). They won’t even disclose the part number anymore and it is not written on the capacitor itself.

If your 9T82 needs serviced, you may have a difficult time finding a watchmaker who will be willing to work on it. Sure, there are watchmakers that can figure out a cell that will get your watch running, but it’s highly recommended to have Seiko do the job with the correct part number. You wouldn’t want anything to get fried in your cool SLQ!

Over the years, speculation has been 500 up to possibly 2,500 pieces produced per model. By now, most of the unserviced SLQ watches in the world do not have the capacity to hold a charge, and few people are willing to send their timepiece in for service at a minimum cost of $735 USD. These pieces end up being stashed in the back of a dresser drawer when they can’t find someone to change the “battery” for cheap. Some also end up being listed for sale, but most are in need of a capacitor or have other issues – bear this in mind when you see a SLQ watch posted for sale on eBay or forums, without proof of a Seiko service, they almost always will need worked on, so mentally add at least $735 to any price you’re about to pay to acquire one.

Today, even non functioning SLQ models are fetching thousands of dollars and the value of these pieces keeps increasing due to limited supply/desirability. Keeping your SLQ maintained and running will pay off in the long run, not to mention they are incredibly cool watches (especially the SLQ007 alien and SLQ009 unicorn). Yes, get your SLQ serviced the proper way and enjoy it!'

It took me 5 months to get it back! They've replaced the capacitor, overhauled the movement, changed the hands and the crown. The total cost was 620 Euro and I have the receipt and all the emails with the correspondence with the local AD about this timepiece. Of course, I will provide everything to the buyer. The lead watchmaker from the AD told me that the new capacitor could last up to 20 years!


Model: Sportura Kinetic Chronograph 100M.
Reference Number: 9T82-0A50.
Age: 1995.
Crystal: Authentic sapphire crystal in perfect condition.
Case: Seiko authentic fully signed stainless steel case & screwdown skeletonized caseback.
Dial: Seiko authentic signed beautiful black color dials in perfect condition.
Hands: NEW Seiko authentic hands in perfect condition.
Crown: NEW Seiko authentic steel screwdown crown.
Case Diameter: 42mm excluding the crown, 48mm lug to lug & 13mm thickness.
Movement: FACTORY OVERHAULED High grade Seiko Japan fine & clean kinetic chronograph 38J complicated movement cal. 9T82A .
Bracelet: Seiko fully signed authentic stainless steel 24mm bracelet with Seiko authentic "buterfly"clasp. Will fit up to 20cm wrist size, not including two spare links.

It's an amazing piece for any collector and it's extremely hard to find another one freshly serviced by Seiko Japan! Happy to send a video with the Chrono working.

I am a real collector, buying from me assures you the quality and care. I don’t sell ‘as is’ watches, all my watches are serviced and ready to wear! That spares you of a big expense in the coming years.

I am asking $2500 $2200 / 2050 EURO net to me, payment by bank transfer.

Shipping will be FREE and quick with DHL Express worldwide, FULLY INSURED, you will get it in 24-48 hours in the EU. Outside the EU, you'll get it in 3-5 days.

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