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I am new to the forum. I am looking to buy my first quality watch and I am leaning towards a PRC200. I would like to make sure the watch is real and not fake. Someone else recommended jomashop (on another forum) but I saw they have horrible reviews at Looking around I found then eWatches. They claim to be an Authorized dealer or Tissot Watches.

and this one

I also read that an Authorized Dealer cannot offer a watch for sale on the web with simple clicks, you have to call to ask for price, etc. (but seems to violate their own rule, right? anyway, I digress)

eWatches seems to play by the Tissot rules. Note that you can't add it to cart

but then if you look some more, you find that you can actually buy some Tissot watches online from eWatches. Here is one example, note that you CAN add this one to cart.

So what's going on? how come on some watches they want you to call, on some other watches they let you add it to cart?

Should I trust them? did anyone buy from them? how do I make sure I don't get a fake?

I would rather buy directly from Amazon, yes, I know they are not an Authorized Dealer, but they're big and I doubt that they sell fakes, and I think also will honor their own warranty. Another option is Costco, but they have only 1 model (square dial)

Any other places? I don't want to pay full MSRP from

Thanks a lot guys.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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