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I'm seeking advice and experiences of any of you who search Ebay for your horological object(s) of desire.

Over the past two weeks I have had six 'no sale' experiences after bidding (three of them after bidding, winning and paying) for a Citizen Promaster PMX56-2811.

Three times, three different sellers put the watch on an auction, sold it to me, and then with great shows of contrition said the item was sadly unavailable. :roll:

Then I got wise and started asking before transferring my payment if the seller could confirm the item was actually, really, truly in stock after a physical check of stock.

Three more different sellers told me yes, the item really, truly was in stock; I transferred my payment, and then with great shows of contrition the sellers said the item was sadly unavailable. :think:

This is more than just irritating because refunds via Paypal and my bank take up to a week to process. I can be without both the money and the goods for extended periods when these transactions go wrong.

So what is up with Japanese sellers of Citizens watches on Ebay? Should I report the lot of them? The practice of listing nonexistent goods must be against Ebay policy. Or am I dealing with six accidental 'legacy' listings for a watch that does now appear to be out of production? The latter possibility sounds less plausible than the former.

The problem of 'available but not available' listings is discussed on the Ebay forums: see this thread. Has anyone successfully bought that watch from Ebay lately? (BTW, if you have one to sell, just message me!)
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