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Excellent Buying Experience with Falcon4311 (Don)

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I would to like to share my pleasant experience with the forum on a buy from Falcon4311 (Don). As you can see from my post count, I'm a very new member of this forum. I had no prior transactions or references. I made an offer to purchase a watch that Don was selling. Don called me the same night that my offer was placed with him. Through this conversation, we agreed to the terms and proceeded with the transaction. It was comforting that I had an opportunity to converse with him. Even though Don has had many positive feed backs from others who have bought or sold to him, it was a nice gesture that he called to allow me to get to know him and assess whether I would want to complete the transaction. Of course, it also allowed him to assess whether I'm a legitimate buyer and evaluate my sincerity in following through with the tentative sale.

Don sent the package via Express Mail and provided the tracking number the following day. I was expected to receive my watch within three days. The package had to go through customs as it came from Canada to the States. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, Chicago - where the USPS Customs sorting facility is located, was hit with two hard winter storms. I finally received the watch just shy of two weeks. Please note that this isn't a complaint about the delay that occurred. Rather, I want forum members know that over this duration, Don kept in constant contact with me either through email or phone calls just about every day. You see, in that first week, he & I didn't realize that the delay was due to the winter storm that pounded Illinois, and specifically the Chicago area. The tracking number showed that the package got into Chicago after the second day. But then, it stayed there day three, four, five, and so on……. After the seventh day or so, we thought the package was lost. It was around that time that Don received some information from his fellow watch members that the two snow storms practically shut everything down in Chicago. We didn't even think about this at the time.

Whether Don thought about it or not, through the constant communication between us, he provided comfort and assured me that I didn't need to worry about a deal going wrong. Again, we were in constant communications and discussed various options available. An indirect benefit resulted from this hassle. The context of our conversations turned to other subjects and allowed me to get to know a fellow forum member. Don is a true professional through this transaction and hopefully, someone I can continue to call a friend. By the way, he always gave me the leeway to request a refund from him.

As I stated above, I got my beautiful watch! I'm enjoying that sucker since its arrival. I purchased the Tudor Black Bay from him. |> |> |> :-d :-d :-d
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