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Texured rouille historic marked down to $45.00 to sell off

All Series F models marked down $5.00

Have a few Series R models with PVD buckles on sale to sell off. Little more than I need to have in stock. Top quality leather I purchase and ship to the factory.

24 x 24 mm

Sunburn - 75/120 mm Regular

Wheat and Burnt Peanut - in Regular and Long

Marked down to $60.00 till the end of the year

Just got some new straps in. Gator Patterned Leather in 3 colors. Lt. Brown, Dk. Brown and Black with white stitching.

Tapered domed design

24 x 22 mm and 26 x 26 mm in Regular and Long lengths - $30 - $40.00 ea.

Also have a couple of Orange in 24 mm regular

Regular Nylon resistant to water damage back in stock in regular length along with a new 24 x 22 mm short and 26 x 26 mm in regular and long

Same material used on the OEM strap in the 05 catalogue, but mine goes 2x better. With the rubber liner (not available on OEM). Strap is resistant to water damage and suitable for swimming, diving etc.

Price is $60.00 ea. in Short, REgular and long (slightly different design in long). 24 x 22 mm

Also have 26 x 26 mm now in Regular and Long - $70.00 ea.

Vintage Military back in stock - $100 ea.

24 x 24 mm regular only - 75/120 mm

New Weave model - Regular 75/120 mm - 24 x 24 mm - single loop

Price is $85.00 ea.

Caoutchouc Sport - rubber material on top and bottom

Close to the same design as original late 90's straps that now sell for $300

Regular length - 75/115 - Price is $75.00

Back in Stock Hirsch Trieste rubber deployant models with leather liner and nylon insert.

2 button s/s deployant. Suitable for regular or Panerai watches

22 mm - Black only

24 mm - Black, Dk. blue and Red

Price is $70.00 ea.

24 x 22 mm Black or dk. Brown Buffalo straps in short, regular and long.

22 x 20 mm Regular and 26 x 26 mm Regular and Long

Vintage Gold Wax leather straps

Gold Wax with PVD buckles - $70.00

Available in 22 x 22 mm Regular, 24 x 24 mm Short, Regular and Long and 26 x 26 mm Regular and Long

Price is $65.00

Series R models are exellent value for the money and use only top quality leathers ordered to my specs.

Short to XL (short or XL not available in all widths)

Series R California Tan

Available in 22 x 22 Regular, 24 x 24 Regular and long and 26 x 26 mm Regular with polished buckles

Other Series R models - Black (white or black stitching), Vintage Brown, Wheat, Burnt Peanut and Sunburn

22 x 22 mm - 26 x 26 mm

$65.00 - $70.00

Burnt Peanut - suede finished


24 x 24 mm Historic Carbon back in stock along with a NEW PVD long model.

Price is $45.00 - $55.00

Best Carbon leather available anywhere - same as the old Hirsch Carbon material

Also available in 22 x 20, 24 x 22 and 26 x 26 mm - short, regular and long

$35.00 - $45.00

The Lambskins and Textured brown straps are a dress design with matching stitching and the textured brown with white stitching for a sporty dress look.

Lambskin (weather, rouille, tobacco and havana) and Textured Brown have wax leather liners for softness and comfort

Some current straps (not all widths and lengths in stock)



Available in 24 x 22 - 26 x 26 mm

Price is $35.00 - $45.00

24 x 22 mm Models


Black Seal - Tan

26 x 26 mm - free thumbnail buckle included


Brown Buffalo

English Bridle leather models

Currently - 24 x 24 mm Tan, Med. Brown (short, regular and long) or Black (regular and long) and 26 x 26 mm Tan, Med. Brown and black - Regular length - $100.00 ea.

24 x 24 mm

26 x 26 mm

Have a large number of Short, Regular, Long and XXL models in various widths, lengths and materials

New straps always on order

Buckles, tubes and screws in all widths and finishes

Please see my site -



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