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Fake info

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Ever eager to learn, I understand that a common 'fault' with fakes is the helium valve is located in the incorrect position.

Now compared to my watch (bought at an AD), this picture shows the valve in a different position.

IE, on my watch, if I look square on, the 5 is in line with the bottom of the valve wheras the picture shows the opposite.

What should I be looking for because the picture is from the Omega web site.

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Pearl, logo, date, and date window are the immediate ways.
I am a chrono owner and asked this same question after seeing that my HE valve was close to spot on with the 50 (just slightly below). Forum response was that chronos are located more in line with the 50 than non-chronos.
Check to make sure the band uses pins instead of screws. Many of the Omega fakes use screws. Look for space between date wheel and date opening. Many fakes have a definite space and genuine Omegas have a space that is Barely perceptible.

Best way to make sure is buy form a AD.
saintsman, post a pic of your Omega, please.

The He valve position is not the first thing to look for because any slight change in the angle the watch is held makes it look different.
If you are not convinced, then take it to an AD, and have it verified.
Non chronos, i.e. the regular 2531.80 should have the He valve a bit above the 10 o'clock, certainly not aligned with it. The Chrono has the valve more closely aligned. Hope this helps!
I wasn't suggesting that I have a fake, just curious after seeing the image because I've read on here that the valve is often wrong on fakes.

Looking at my watch again, the position is subjective dependant on the angle you look at and my attempts at taking photos have the valve all over the place!

There are some pretty clued up people on here who can take one look at scream fake. I would just like to learn from them but need it spelled out a bit.

Thanks for the replies.

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