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Fake Omega Bracelet?

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Hey all, I recently picked up a speedy on a very definitely incorrect-for-this-model omega signed bracelet, but I am wondering if it's really an omega bracelet at all. The clasp fells a bit cheap compared to a similar one I've got, and while the link structure looks the same from a distance, it's definitely different than my only other reference. (also pulls a bit of wrist hair) There are no markings on the lugs as it's been modified by someone in the past to fit a different case.

Any opinions on this thing?
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New to this a bit, but the omega logo looks a bit off as far a shape. I have a 1039 from 1970 that is indeed kind on flimsy, especially when compared to modern bracelets. I’d try to compare some of the details, like the logo, depth of the stamping on the clasp, with photos of known genuine ones.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts