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Fake or not Omega Seamaster

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Hi Guys,

Looking to buy my first Omega watch and I stumbled across some pretty goo deals. Now, I am not really to good at spotting Fake/Real Omega watches as I have not owned one for now. I apologize in advance for the bad images uploaded, but for now this are all the pics that I got from the seller.

Please let me know what should I be looking for when online searching for Omega watches and what would be a dead giveaway. For me, the case back looks a bit off and pretty bad considering the manufacturer and the caliber of the watch. Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you in advance!

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When looking at a watch - even if you don't know the brand - ask yourself:

Is the quality commensurate with the brand? Is it aged correctly?
What do the dials show? Do they make sense?
Do all of the functions work?

Here, the obvious giveaway is the left subdial that seems to measure days of the week - so 1, 1 and a half, 2, two and a half and so forth - the usual way that we measure days "today is Tuesday and a half"

The other obvious giveaway is that the watch looks like it has been buried in a gravel pit for several years - even a 50 year old, badly abused, quality watch will look much better.
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yes, i bought it way back in 2008. first generation Omega Seamaster PO.

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Looks just like the OPs watch..... :p
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