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Fake or not ? What’s the exact model of it ?

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Hello everyone , I’d like to ask you if you can tell me if this watch is fake or not , and which model is it or supposed to be . It’s a watch i had for years since I was a kid , a family friend handed to me back then and I remember always knowing that I’d use this watch when I grow up and that it’s a really expensive one . This man is from overseas and a really successful businessman and actually wealthy so Ofcourse I never even thought of that watch is fake or not until recently . I started trying to identify which exact model this is but I literally can’t find a sane watch as this Bentley version anywhere so I started to think it’s a replica … which probably is . I’d hope it’s not but I don’t have hopes anymore , I’d wait for your opinions though. Thank you
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I found this Rolex under the carpet when I was replacing the floor. I am also confident that is real. Can you confirm? For some reason none of the spinny things work on it.
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Nice DAY TONA (Day Trona?), It looks like the designer didn't have money for a vowel so he replaced all the 'O's with 'Q's.
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