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falcon4311- Numero Uno!

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Did a trade with him.
Both of us just went through the most harrowing postal nightmare - both our respective packages got held up in our respective customs. Mine to him - 3 weeks in customs. His to me? A month and a half.

He and I did our due diligence and I have not seen anyone work as hard with a government bureaucracy as he did to solve our problem. We both filed claims, but he spent a lot of phone/email time with agents, etc. providing documentation. They were prepared to settle, though less than what he insured it for (yes, this is how it works), and he was going to pay me the full replacement amount out of his pocket.

Anyone can do a transaction, but when confronted with a problem, this is what separates the top-shelf guys from the rest.

Despite our postal systems' malfunction (US & Canada), I'd deal again in a heartbeat with this guy.:-!:-!
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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