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Mods***if this post is out of line, I apologize and please remove asap***

Hi- I first want to say that I have NO affiliation to this auction,and or the seller!

I was looking on that popular auction site today, as I do on most days and noticed this auction:

70s Felca Two Registers Compressor Divers Chronograph

Is it me, or does that case,etc. resemble the classic Doxa case. It certainly looks like a T-Graph to me.
My question is...can anyone confirm or deny any Doxa affiliation to Felca, or is it just coincidental that they seem to share similar cases?
*I know it is a link to a live auction, but this post is to verify/disprove a Doxa connection*
In addition, I have no plan on purchasing this item I'm just highly curious!
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