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Fenix 6 (Solar?) & Tactical Garmin Instinct

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link no longer works
solar one indicated in the link below Fenix 6X Solar
I just pre-ordered the Instinct Tactical for shipment 13 August - we'll see.


Edit to add:

The specific model I ordered is black:
Gaijin - where did you order from? I've been hankering for a solar Fenix for a couple of years now - still trying to source the specs though before pulling the trigger
Re: Fenix 6 (Solar?) & Tactical Garmin Instinct

Let's try the OEM Orange band.

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looks sharp on that orange!
am particularly liking the higher def / bigger real estate / and the very cool info screens!

question - Will (are?) the solar panels be enough to recharge the watch to 100% in normal watch mode (no GPS)? So like a slow charge in sunlight / office light? or is it perhaps a 2nd battery as a backup with 6 hours MAX in the tank?
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Re: Fenix 6 (Solar?) & Tactical Garmin Instinct

Nope. Solar is not sold has a sole charging solution even in the highest economic power mode. It is just a first for Garmin to use a power glass and to add more stamina to an already big battery on the X models.

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thanks Nemo_Sandman :) will hold onto my f5 for a little lomnger then - my grail watch is a fenix that is 100% solar chargeable and it looks like we are almost there ! the f6 looks like a big hardware jump from the f5 series and the pics are great...
I debated on getting the Solar but was leery about Garmin's first jump into this technology for wearables. When the 6+ or 7 comes out, maybe I'll look at it.

The "x" version always gets the new feature and then the next upgrade, the other models get it, while the "x" gets another new feature (5x-maps, 5x+-PulseOx, 6x-Solar).
true but then the tech transfers across in the next iteration or the 1 after
1 of my criteria to upgrading is a more restrained case size like the "s" model, along with the solar & memory etc. so I'm guessing somewhere in 2020/ 21 F7/F8 "S", I'll be seeing that as my next Fenix...
Europilot watchface

that strap looks VERY comfortable, is the titanium oem one?
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