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Fenix 6 (Solar?) & Tactical Garmin Instinct

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be interesting to see if they upgrade the screens and if the new Marq model gets that ...
While it will be expensive, if the Fenix Solar comes to out.
Yeah, agreed, that will be a monster that'll cause most current garmin owners to upgrade, and create a stampede of people on the sidelines who've been thinking of switching from apple and/or getting a fitness watch

I really like the Marq Captain, but am thinking the price will come down especially if new models come out with better screens and solar ... in that scenario, i'd probably go for the solar
Wow, released Aug 29th, that's a heck of a lot sooner than 2020

Pics for the lazy:

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Strap Brown

Analog watch Watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Strap

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Strap

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Font

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Strap

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Font Fashion accessory

Fit for performance with rugged, sophisticated design that features a big 1.4" Sunlight-readable display (36% larger Than previous Fenix models) with bezels in stainless steel, titanium or diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating

Features enhanced wrist heart rate (data and information provided by the device is intended to be a close estimation of your activity and Metrics tracked, but may not be precisely accurate)

Advanced training features include pacepro for grade-adjusted pace guidance throughout your activity Plus environmentally adjusted Vo2 Max and training status estimates

Navigate the outdoors with preloaded TOPO maps, ski maps for over 2, 000 worldwide ski resorts, multiple global navigation satellite system (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) support and built-in sensors for 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter

Support for Garmin Pay contactless payments (not all countries and payment Networks eligible), music storage W/ premium streaming service (May require a premium subscription) support, smart notifications (when paired with a compatible smartphone)

Product description
With a big, sunlight-readable 1.4" display that's 36% larger Than previous Fenix® models, The Fenix 6x Pro and Fenix 6x sapphire multisport GPS watches add mapping, music and more to your workouts. They offer training status, running/cycling dynamics and environmentally adjusted Vo2 Max estimates. Both models feature a first-of-its-kind pacepro™ feature that helps keep your pacing strategy on track, Providing grade-adjusted guidance as you run a course. Styled for all-day wearability, these versatile watches come with preloaded topo maps and ski maps for more than 2, 000 worldwide ski resorts. Other highlights include enhanced wrist heart rate (The data and information provided by these devices is intended to be a close estimation of your activity and metrics tracked, but may not be precisely accurate), smart notifications (when paired with a compatible smartphone), pulse ox (this is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition) sensing, Garmin Pay™ contact less payments (not all countries and payment networks are eligible) and more. Customizable power Manager modes let you see and control how various settings and sensors impact battery life. Sapphire editions add the quality and durability of a scratch-resistant sapphire lens and other premium materials.
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link no longer works
solar one indicated in the link below Fenix 6X Solar
ha - that' why i copied the text and pulled over the pics, I thought that might happen ... but interesting part is the pre-order capability and the release date of Aug 29th. Was that a mistake? A tentative, not confirmed date?

The latter would make more sense since the toothpaste is out of the tube and any buyers who've seen this will likely wait for the new release, so what purpose does it serve to pull down the link??

Unless the date is unconfirmed and/or Garmin is running into quality / release issues
I'd love to be able to compare the specs table on the site to the instinct - i'll try DC's comparo ...
Re: Fenix 6 (Solar?) & Tactical Garmin Instinct

I don't feel like I need to wear a Diving Computer big 51mm saucer anymore those days.
Looks GREAT Nemo!!

I think you made the right size choice as that looks perfect and swank on your wrist - are you into all of the sports, just like the style/features, and/or what's you primary use-case?
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Re: Fenix 6 (Solar?) & Tactical Garmin Instinct

I loved my Fenix 5X and 5X+ to the Instinct which is a great great tool for a great price.
Super slick nemo!

Ok, i have an odd question ... I'm thinking of getting both an Instinct and an F6 ... I like the back-to-basics look of the Instinct and I do a lot of hiking with weights so there's high risk of banging. I"m thinking the light weight, simply UI, and ruggedness of the Instinct could be perfect for that. In F6 would be more my daily wear watch and I would use it for swimming, any work trips, etc OR if I'm going hiking somewhere new, etc. Thoughts? Thanks!
And BTW, my 6'4" 250 pound frame seems to like the size of this watch just fine ;-)
great info! Now i'm on the fence ... if I may ask, what's your wrist size?
awesome pics guys - even better if you labeled which F6 model you have, especially for the screen size / resolution question (gorilla glass vs sapphire)
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Re: Fenix 6 (Solar?) & Tactical Garmin Instinct

I'm more an Android 'out of ecosystems' kind of user.

Garmin propose in the Instinct, the Fenix and other MARQ, Tactix, Descent.... a really elegant solution: screen which can be used without backlight and five buttons to replace a touchscreen.
These two differences make all the charm in my experience with Fenix and Instinct.
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Another band swapped.
This time inspired by Gaijin (again) a Seiko diver style.
I like the way it starts larger than the horns.
It gives a really toolish look too.
Oooo I like this! What band is it?
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Hey Guys - think I might be finally ready to pull the trigger on an F6 ... after much research, a few items I'd love your thoughts on:

* Blue vs Black display
After a crapton of research, it would seem this is the luck of the draw on who/when the display was sourced from, rather than a model thing (sapphire vs gg); some have blue displays, some don't. This falls into the don't-really-mind-would-rather-have-black category ... not a show-stopper

* Wrist HR software glitches
This seems to be a real thing with many, many people affected by the 5.0+ firmware - you guys notice changes in body battery functionality, WHR accuracy, etc? This is a show-stopper: if I can't count on the WHR accuracy and subsequent features, no reason for me to buy this watch.

Your thoughts? Thanks guys!
I'm trying to decide between the Fenix 6 titanium or the fr 945. I think the case is about the same size but I know the Fenix is heavier. Do you find the Fenix 6 to be ok for weight training type workouts ?
I'm looking at the same thing ...

The forerunner 945 47mm case + strap = 50g

Fenix 6 Ti 47mm case-only = 49g
however with some math, the straps look to be about 25-30g, be they rubber or Titanium so ...

* Forerunner 945 47mm case = 49g
* Ti Fenix 6 47mm sapphire rubber strap = 72g (same screen size as forerunner)
* Ti Fenix 6 51mm non-sapphire rubber strap = 82g

So, the Fenix 6 Ti is at least 44% heavier than the 945, and that's a lot, so I'd say it depends on the type of weight training you do; if you're lifting heavy mostly then the F6 is fine. If you're doing explosive training and/or crossfit type of stuff, you'll want the 945 ... however I'd say in the latter case you're going to want a chest strap either way (or an arm strap like the Polar OH, Scosche Rhythm 24, or Wahoo Tickr; I prefer the Polar and I like the Polar Flow app).

EDIT: the Garmin Instinct is only $200, has most features, and is 52g -- easily the best value fitness watch
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I'm kinda doubting that the less than 0.1 lb difference is going to ruin anyone's weight training routine.
It doesn't ruin your routine, it ruins your data:

When one does explosive movements, especially arm movements like, say, olympic lifts, heavier watches are notorious for HR dropouts since the heavier the watch, the more momentum it generates (p=mv, where 'm'=mass), thus the greater probability of drop-outs when the HR sensor loses wrist contact at the top of the lift. There also the flexing muscles / tendons in the wrist that throw off the sensor.

That's why chest straps work best - even armband HR straps like the polar OH can have the sensor flip when your muscles flex during an explosive lift.

It's for a similar reason that Garmin makes the Garmin Swim chest strap which has sticky stuff on it to keep it in place during the relatively violent kick-turns.
Re: Fenix 6 (Solar?) & Tactical Garmin Instinct

The Instinct not connecting to the CIQ store is one of the best things about it.
@Odie, I think you convinced me to start with the Instinct and then go from there ... I know the v2 might be coming out soon, but at $199 it's a great deal so not a lot lost even if the new ones come out
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Re: Fenix 6 (Solar?) & Tactical Garmin Instinct

How would you say the fenix 6 hrm compares to the instinct? I know all wrist monitors are kinda iffy but my instinct is terrible compared to my AW 4 hrm. Mine will show resting heart rate on the rower or indoor bike even if i'm about to stroke. Is the F6 hrm any better?
I've never had an issue with my HR but the last beta 5.74 seems to fix other people's problems. That said, you're always going to get a more accurate reading with a Cheat HRM but IMO, the Fenix series is a solid lineup of watches.

CES is this week, so maybe wait until Friday to see if Garmin comes out with anything (Fenix 6 sport...but is highly doubtful as this screams an August release...but your never know) new.
I'm waiting for CES, then I think i'll go with the Instinct ... I'm interested to see if Garmin does the new Fenix with OLED; they should, nobody cares about battery life. Give me OLED-Ti for the win.

On HRM, can't speak from experience, but can tell you the testing i've seen: Apple 4 is industry leading, period. Apple 5 not so much, they compromised for other features, that's too bad. Apple 5 is going to be about the same as Fenix/Instinct sensor.

Ultimately HRM comes down to a few things: the sensor, the software, the contact. It may be that the Apple 4 just plain fits you better in addition to having better sensor/software.

My 2 cents is to get an arm strap like the Polar OH: they're cheap, super accurate, lots of features, portable to any device, easy-to-use. I wouldn't count on wrist HRM for serious data use, just my 2 cents.
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Mixing Oled and Fenix is a proof of not understanding the Fenix design.
Oh, I'm pretty sure the next Fenix (and/or Marq) will have an OLED option cause the "fenix design" is $$ - Gamin ain't in the business of selling high design principles.
You don't need backlight with Fenix or Instinct and this is mandatory to use those tool watches without any battery consuming backlight. This is mandatory for a good outdoor watch ... But why I'm wasting my time ? So really you cannot understand what it is all about.
Wow Nemo, kinda harsh, apologies if I hit a sensitive spot; I completely understand the original Fenix "outdoor" target market and resulting product design, but that time is clearly over and here's how we know, first the facts:

(1.) Garmin has all of your GPS, HR, and other data to mine - Garmin knows if you're an outdoorsman ... or not
They know how much of an outdoorsman you are (or aren't), they know how often you overnight away from power, how often you run an ultra-marathon, how many hours you're typically awake, etc., and they segment their customers by use-case type and by number.

(2.) Garmin has all of their sales data - they know who their existing and new Fenix (and other) buyers are
Garmin knows which customers are re-upping, and who's leaving, who the super-users are, and they can segment them by type and number. They know where Fenix growth is coming from (and it's not from through-hikers and ultra-marathoners - it's from corporate bozos sitting next to a power outlet ... (but they WANT to be in the woods)

(3.) Garmin is using a rapid product development, iterate & pivot model
Garmin's products, and product lines, are constantly growing and morphing; further Garmin is clearly beta testing niches: Instinct, Swim, Venu, Marq, Forerunner, et al; AND they're beta testing hardware: solar, durability, swim sensor, OLED display; as well as software features

In short, the Garmin Fenix line is now a premium smart watch, with the Marq being ultra-premium, which means the transflective displays no longer fit that customer segment - so Garmin's testing AMOLED displays that will eventually find they way to Fenix and Marq watches to compete with Apple's Retina displays. (read or watch any Marq review: they're all mention disappointment with the display)

Their fitness lines (forerunner, swim, vivofit, etc) will likely keep the lightweight cases and high-battery-life transflective displays

And that leaves the Instinct (and various new! iterations) as their "outdoor" / rugged line - maybe we'll see an Instinct color* transflective?

The danger for Garmin is quality control and customer support ... but it's their market to lose now though, they're killin it.

*due to fragility of egos preventing any hint of interesting discussion, this post has edited with this single missed word to ensure nobody here loses their shiit over ridiculousness, degrading this thread into useless memes, accusations, and name-calling like the rest of the internet. Sure, we could listen and exchange ideas but why do that when there's poop to fling!
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