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Fenix 6 (Solar?) & Tactical Garmin Instinct

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IMHO it’s been the lack of solar that has hindered the Garmin.......

Battery life of 2-4 days tops, using the “stuff”....GPS, heart rate, would be a game changer if they keep the size under control.
Double post gremlins again....
New "GIT" the colour, love the extra options (May never use them, but who cares!), even at the premium over the regular Instinct, still a great bang for the buck!

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Dang you Nemo, Divine and gaijin......I blame you!

Just ordered a 6xpro and the TI bracelet from Amazon......

Have been happy with my Instinct, but have had the itch for a 6 for sometime, and I blame your pics, especially of the topo maps, for pushing me over the edge!

My 3 HR lasted for years, I flirted with a 5, then the Instinct........

Almost 7 days of battery life with my instinct - 2 gps dog walks per day, combined 2 hrs minimum.....3-4 gym/runs of an hour each...will the 6xpro be up to that?

At least with Amazon I get to play, and decide which I ultimately keep!

Should be here Wednesday.....
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6x pro arrived Wednesday, so have a few days to play.....

What I love:

- it's a Garmin! Easy to set up and use, Garmin connect is a breeze + works pretty much the same as my 3HR and even the Instinct!
- display is very nice, with plenty of room for those many data fields
- battery life appears to be stellar......fully charged on Wednesday, so we'd evening/thurs/Friday morning I've used constant HR, 6 GPS events totalling 9 hours, 2 workouts totalling 2 hours, and at 84%, showing If I get 20 days on a charge, with that usage, it will be almost 3 times better than my Instinct managed and 7 times better than the 5 I had and returned due to the garbage battery life!

Anyways, so far am very pleased!

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About 6 weeks into my Fenix 6x Pro and loving the customizable dials, the maps, and just general "multi-tool" approach it takes to the sheer amount of data and options.

I have settled in to a 15 day battery life, using:
  • GPS 2-3 hours per day for dog walks, and hiking.
  • 3-4 1 hour workouts per week
  • 2-3 additional hikes per week with Mrs Maddog, with probably 3-4 more hours of GPS usage.

so more than twice the Instinct, plus all the other options - very happy!

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And it us also a looker ! ;-)
Wear it in good health !!

In terms of "wearability" ?
How is the transition from the 47mm Instinct to the 51mm 6X Pro ?
size is great......

been a while since I had my much loved 3HR, but seems the same size wise.......and as a Casio fan, I'm used to bigger watches
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