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Nice, seems like 2 Rangemans aren't enough :-d

Great selection, I especially like the silver 6900, the full name is DW-6900X-8AT and it might be even older, from 1996. Looks amazing, finest of the NOS example.

Casio: G-Shock DW-6900X-8AT DW-6xxx photos, videos and specifications DW6900X-8AT | Watch Archive

Are the other watches for your girlfriend? :)
Great spotted Nik. Unfortunately the 6900 is not for sale. Really tried hard but no chance :-(

The Pro Trek is a special order for a customer. Not an expert but its a fantastic edition. Perhaps it will be my first Pro Trek one day if still available.

The G- 8900SC-4 indeed is a gift for my girlfriend. Think she will like it :)
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