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I became interested in this company after seeing a review and noticing the quality/price ratio seemed good. I browsed the website ( for a while, eventually finding a classic looking leather strap in "military gray" leather, one of the less expensive ones at 47 euros. There were different options for the keeper style, size, etc. - I went with single leather keeper with silver polished buckle to match the Timex I had in mind for the strap. The website has a number of straps listed, but I get the feeling looking at the website and talking to one of the employees that they are willing to work with you to create basically any style you'd like. One small quibble for me is the online store - I would prefer to be able to filter my product search by multiple criteria instead of being restricted to the pre-selected categories. This would make it easier to compare all their black, 18mm watch straps, for example.

The strap came in yesterday and I'm generally very happy with it. It was shipped in a bubble pack, inside I found a small burlap pouch with the strap and a card with their company info on one side and care instructions on the other. The leather seems to be of a nice quality - it's a supple, open-pore leather and the smell reminds me of stores we have in Texas that sell fine cowboy boots, saddles, etc. Not to thick, not too thin, the small size fits my small wrist well, and the width is as specified. The only other leather watch strap I have experience with is a cheap $10 Barton ordered from Amazon - there is no comparison between the two - this one is much nicer. Perhaps to be expected for a handmade item, there is a blemish near the pointed part, a small black dot that almost looks like a burn mark. It does stand out a bit since this is not a distressed strap, but I'm not too bothered since it isn't on the top and it is a handmade item.

The watch is an old Timex I've had forever that came with an rubber strap which has long since disintegrated. The rubber strap would have been molded to fit the case, but originals are impossible to find now so a strap like this is the next best thing.

Without further ado, here are the pics:

View attachment 14148557 P1030903.JPG

P1030900.JPG P1030905.JPG P1030906.JPG P1030911.JPG
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