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(repost from december 2005)

Here goes my first attempt to writing a review , I only have worn the watch for some 36 hours now so its not really a review based on long experiences :)

Well, Yesterday was the day , I flew to England from Amsterdam to meet the seller of a Navitimer 1461, limited edition , rose gold, #9 of 50 .

I will skip all the small talk I had with the seller (lots of nice stories about how mechanical watches were really cheap 20 to 15 years ago and you could pick up am 806 for next to nothing) and go straight to the watch :)

As soon as I had it in my hand I was amazed by its size, even though the Chronolog says its 41.8 mm , it looked a lot bigger and bulkier to me. Being used to a Navitimer heritage which is quoted at 43mm I really have to look hard to find the difference in size. The difference in weight is minimal , even with the leather sharkskin strap w/ 18K deployment clasp , the 1461 feels heavier than the all stainless steel Heritage. Must be the weight of 'just the watch' pulling on your wrist , compared to wearing an all steel watch which distributes the weight more evenly ?

Furthermore its considerably 'thicker' as well, compared to the Heritage, this is most likely due to the movement (ETA 2892-2) with the added complications

The one thing I do find slightly annoying, and will have to get used to again , is that the crown is slightly lower than the pushers, and thus pokes into the top of your wrist ,

This again is due to the ETA movement , I remember my old Navitimer 92 having the same movement and the crown poking me.

The legibility of the blue dail with the gold hands is amazing, the details on the dial is immaculate , and the dual subdials is something that I keep looking at. Dont ask me what the date is if you're in a hurry because I will have to search, and look hard, but who cares when youre looking at a dail like this , right ?

Yesterday evening it was great to see the watch move from Wednesday November 30th to Thursday December 1st. And it all worked !! :) First around 11pm it switched to Nov 31st. Then at Midnight everything moved as it should. (never mind the girlfriend asking me if I hadnt gotten enough already , untill I showed her what was going on)

One thing I absolutely love, and never thought i would ever get used to, or would ever want, is the Rose gold. I always thought it would be too much 'bling bling' for me, but the deep yellow colour is just amazing .

And the bestest surprise came this afternoon !! while discussing the purchase of this watch with one of our fellow board members , he mentioned that he still had a rose gold plated push adjuster, and asked me whether or not I would want it. (would I ever !!) So today I heard the mailbox rattle , and in it was an envelope from the USA, inside the envelope a fully gold plated original Breitling 'push pin pusher' !.. Thanks Ron, I cannot thank you enough !

Now for the downside of it all (is there a downside ???) .. Even though this beautifull piece comes with an 18K rose gold deployment clasp I have learned that Breitling no longer supplies new leather straps in the size I need. (22-18 mm) I want(ed) to get a blue Croc strap for it but this will most likely mean I have to send it back to Breitling Switzerland to get a new strap , as I have been told they will replace the deployment buckle with a new one (22-20mm).

But this may be a good thing , as they can perform a complete service and polish while they replace the buckle :) (or was the service the more difficult part ? , I cant remember :)

As for accuracy of the watch .. who knows .. it might be very accurate but I havent had it long enough to measure it *LOL*

Hope you enjoyed me writing up my first impressions and the pics as much as I enjoyed taking the pics (I enjoy wearing the watch more than taking pics though)

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