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Thought I'd post a quick thread, as I'm over the moon with my latest purchase.

Over the last year I've been looking at my collection of 10-12 watches (it changes frequently) and thinking how daft I felt about a some, which in all honesty never got worn; and how the thrill of buying AND owning them was actually short lived.

Since getting my GMT very little else has been getting a look in, so why not flog one or two and save for a while till something else a bit special pops up? Makes sense, right?
Well as it happens something else did 'pop up', before I'd sold anything, and after a couple of trade offers for said watch were turned down it was time to act, fast!

Thankfully, I managed to quickly sell my PO, and a couple of less expensive watches also went, which just about enough to make a 'sensible' offer.

Now we all have our own reasons for this hobby/obsession of ours. There are a few reasons for mine, coming from various stages of my youth, but there's one moment in particular that I'll never forget. One year I was visiting my family in Guernsey and I'd spotted the most unbelievable looking watches in a jeweller's window in town. As it happened, my Aunty had a ring in there that was being resized so we popped in and she mentioned the ring and in the same sentence said that I'd like to try on one of the watches in the window. Well I think I looked more shocked than the member of staff, but he happily went over to the window display and got out this yellow gold Jaeger LeCoultre which had a retail of about £12k and started sizing up the strap/deployant, and getting it on my wrist Then I started getting bombarded with facts all about JLC, each one sounding more mind blowing than the last, but during this informative verbal assault I spotted a watch in the counter display in the shop which just looked perfect, the Master Moon.

At this point I was getting the very strong feeling from my Aunt that 'you've had enough fun for today, and we need to leave', so the sales assistant rushed to grab me catalogues and price lists for various brands (remember loving the Eterna models as well), but it was all about the JLC for me. So I looked up the specs and prices for them all, and the Master Moon just looked the best value, as well as the best looking hands down. However, money-wise this was about as likely as becoming an astronaut and marrying Cindy Crawford... two other aspirations at the time

So roll on twenty odd years and we come to this moment in time. The time for classy dress watches has been and gone, and the time for divers and chronos is in. In my mind there was no way I could afford a JLC, buuuuut I do have a reasonable amount of money tied up in watches that I don't wear...


Apologies as ever for the quality of pics, but just wanted to take a couple of Q&D's to share my exitement

Was a bit worried that the 41.5mm case would be a bit too much for my 6.75'' wrist, but I'm really happy how it looks.

And the two 'Masters' together

Still can't believe this beauty is on my wrist, and have probably spent a week reading everything there is on the internet about this watch and its 751 calibre.

This was up for sale on another forum and I'd spent ages drooling over the pics one member had taken of this watch, and if you have a spare 60 seconds I strongly recommend clicking this link The “other” JLC’s | Half Past The Hour and forgetting about my rubbish phone pics

Thanks for reading, now I'm off to get another beer


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