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been searching for a black on black g shock and decided on the gw6900bc. wasnt impressed with the dw6900's and their lack of features and gloss finish, but the styling of the gw6900bc is just up my alley. hopefully it wears well, especially with the composite band. reviews sound good. was 200 on ebay this week until today when it dropped to 180. ebay is giving out a 10% off coupon too for some added savings. i think im gonna pull the trigger... any reasons not to?

oh yeah i just recently got addicted to watches, or at least window shopping for watches and i love my current g shock. heard there was a community and found this forum. im a subaru enthusiast and on subie forums too so i feel right at home. looks like i just picked up another hobby.

first and only g shock is a gw700a in what was black/grey but since all the black lettering has chipped off out of the crown, it is now a limited edition grey since i cant seem to find my colors anywhere. been on my wrist since 2006 and still working like new.

thanks ahead...
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