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I have an old Bulova (from 1972 if my research is correct) that belonged to my grandfather. When I got it a few years ago the case was cracked and it would not run reliably at all. I sent it off somewhere to have it refinished and fixed. It came back much better looking and would at least run if I kept it wound. It gains about 5 minutes a day. so it's accuracy is obviouslyu not great.

My grandfather was a welder and he wore this watch while welding. You can tell he wore it while working becuase of the welding spatter on a few places on the case (not pictured below). According to the guy who worked on the watch there were some issues that couldn't be fixed because he thought the hard use and maybe the electricity involved damaged the movement enough that reliability was impaired.

Is it possible to get another movement installed in this watch? I don't need anything fancy, just something that runs better than 5min+ a day. I'm not worried about keeping the watch all original - I just want a memory of my grandfather that I can wear regularly that is functional and, when the time comes, give to one of my sons. If possible, is it an expensive endeavor? I'm certainly willing to pay to get this done, I'm just not sure how much I want to spend if it is already semi-functional.

Also - anybody have an idea of the model name of the watch? Just curious.
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