How about a little surprise launch to brighten your mid-August? Hanhart has just announced a new #FliegerFriday edition of their 42mm Pioneer TwinControl chronograph, with a DLC black case and royal blue dial (with a matching blue suede strap for good measure). Usually the summer is a little quiet when it comes to watch launched, but with this and other news circulating in the last few days, it seems brands are shaking things up a bit as they come back to work from summer factory closures. Like other limited edition Hanhart releases we've seen, the attention to detail is spot on. Note the color-matched date wheel, and use of red accents on chronograph hand tips as well as the strap stitching to match the brand's trademark red reset pusher. No, it's not a groundbreaking from-scratch build, but it is a great alternative to the typical black and white dial references in Hanhart's standard-issue collection.

As noted above, this release is the "mid-size" for the Hanhart Pioneer collection—a large yet not oversized 42mm diameter, with a 15mm case thickness, a 21mm lug width, and an overall lug-to-lug measurement of 51mm. They've opted for a smooth bezel variant on this release rather than the coin-edge timing bezel, which helps keep the focus on the dial and accents. Priced at 2,490 Euros, the 100-piece limited edition comes in at $150 more than the standard issue variant, which is a pretty reasonable ask in the grand scheme of things. To get a 42mm blue dial chronograph from Sinn (the 358 Sa PILOT B E), you're looking at a few hundred Euros more. For a couple hundred Euros more than the Sinn, you're then looking at the blue dial Longines Spirit chronograph (2,900 Euros). From there? You could level up to the IWC Pilot IW3881, but are you really going to double your budget for that with the other options available?

As the longstanding home of innumerable #FliegerFriday posts and discussions, we're happy to see this watch launch hit the market and acknowledge the longstanding hashtag dedicated to those with a passion for pilot's watches.

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