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This 6119-8460 from November 1971 is in really excellent condition,
it was overhauled by Hub City in 2019. the case is unpolished and the lines are still
quite sharp. There are some scratches on the case, but no dings, it's in way better
condition than you'd expect for a watch of this age. The original bezel is ghosted
evenly, and missing the pip. I managed to find a bezel insert in way, way better than
average condition, and installed it in this watch. The bi-directional bezel rotates
smoothly as it was designed to do. If you're a watchmaker, or you send this watch
to one, you could have the original bezel re-installed if you wish. This watch has had
the dial and hands re-lumed, and they glow beautifully and with great duration. The
lume plots are slim, and surrounded by metal, so the reluming is undetectable, until
the watch lights up at night and stays lit until dawn. I can't see why dead "original"
lume would be any better, it'd be like keeping the original dead headlamps on an
old car. And, I paid the best guy in this business to do this work.

This watch is completely original except for the crystal, and post-service, is keeping
really excellent time. it's set for another few decades of use. These are highly collectable
watches, and this one is about as fine as they get.

I will include the suede strap pictured at $600 net to me through paypal, for this
freshly overhauled and relumed, 2 bezel insert, specimen. This watch looks wonderful
with any number of bracelets or leather straps i've had it on, it's very versatile.
The price is firm. No trade offers, please. If it won't sell this year, i'll keep it in my
rotation and try again next year :) This is really not a hard watch to have around,
but i am still downsizing my collection, and i find this watch to be very serious.
I would keep it as a "dress" watch, and at 37.9mm x 44.2mm x 9.8mm ( 12.1mm
including the dome ) it's a great candidate for that job, but i live way out in the country
and i hardly ever get "dressed". When i wear this watch, my cats don't notice :(
maybe yours will.

Thanks for looking, and thanks to Watchuseek


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last bump for this year on an outrageously underpriced, overhauled and relumed watch.
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