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Hello everyone.

So, I'm looking into getting my first Fortis watch and I actually might get an "Ok" deal on this one:

It seems the price on the second-hand market for these watches is way lower than the suggested price on that link above but I haven't seen this watch on any forum... is it undesirable? I personally find it very nice looking in that gray configuration. Size seems to be right at 40mm and seems to have a nice movement.

Anyway, my questions, are you happy with your Fortis watches?
Have you seen any info or better yet have own this watch or one of their variants?
How reliable are they? I know ETA movements are solid (and I have a couple of them on my watches ;)) but in terms of construction, servicing, etc.?
How much you think should I pay for something like this? I know value is pretty subjective but just wondering.

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