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Fortis Offical Cosmonauts Chrono- price reduction

Hi all,

I had this watch up here awhile back, but a rather flakey buyer played around a bit to much so here it is again several months later.

I actually acquired the watch about 3 years ago, and it is the third one of these I have owned. Neat watches, however as I do upon occassion I am thinning the heard a bit, and the first to go will be duplcates.

This particular one has the blue face, which I find more desireable than the black. I get it out into the sunlight and its very attractive. When I received the watch, the original blue leather band that was on the watch was a bit worn, so I replaced it with a very nice Hirsch Sharkskin in the same color. I have however retained both the original strap and buckle and will certainly send those along. The new band appears as new, as it has only been on my wrist three times for very short periods, spending the rest of its time on my winder.

My understanding is the watch was serviced about 6 months before I purchased it, and as I know the person I purchased from I have no reason to doubt him. I do not however have a receipt, and the watch does currently lose a bit of time. After taking it to Alex's Watchworks in Portland, I was informed that regulating the watch will take care of the issue. I wanted to make sure to be up front about this. (I had to have my last Fortis regualted after it was serviced as well, and any competent watchmaker can do it at a very minimal cost) This watch was also made with two movements, the Lemania 5100 and the 7750. This particular watch has the 7750.

Over all the watch is in great shape cosmetically. There are only very minor flaws, and for the most part I have found less of them on this watch than most. Aside from the band, I would say the watch is 95%. The watch has the original box and paperwork which are also in great condition.

I am at this time asking 550.00 OBO for the watch.Shipping will be 15.00 and this will include insuarance. I have already factored in the watch needing regulation into this price. I am not at present willing to ship the watch outside of the US, so please do not ask. I want to be very up front about the condition of this watch, as I am going to be a stickler about returns! I have been hosed to many times on watches being sent out in one condition and returned in another after being held onto for a number of days, so please ask any questions you might have regarding its condition beforehand.

If after receiving the watch, if it is other than as described, I will need to be contacted and the watch returned within 24 hours. Obviously if I am contacted within 24 hours of receipt, there is some flexibility. I just want to make sure that turn around is minimized. I will not re-imburse for shiping should the watch be returned. I will take a bank certified check or paypal. Other than that cash if the sale is local.

As you will see my photographic skills pretty much suck. If these are not sufficient please send me an email and I will try to take a few more. Any questions should be directed to [email protected] .net If you send them to my private messages here, I may miss them.

I may be interested in trades, possibly, but not likley. It cant hurt to toss these out there as something may catch my eye.

Local buyers are more than welcome to look the watch over. I am in San Diego until the 15th and then will return to Portland, however the watch travelled with me.


UPDATE: I really dont want to mess with ebay on this watch folks, so someone please come and give her a good home.


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