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Fossil: How good is it?

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Hello everybody!
I'm very new to this forum and a total newbie to watches in general. (Keep that in mind as you read :))
I'm currently looking for my first watch. I've had a digital Casio for a bunch of years now and want to get something more... traditionnal (Analog, if you want)
So as i've been looking around, i have ran across "skeleton" watches a few times and instantly fell in love with this type of design. But, a few google searches later, i noticed that my wallet probably wouldn't have enough money in it to finance a true Swiss-made Skeleton watch. But on the other hand, i didn't want to buy some chinese-amazon brand either... But then i discovered a watch that seemed to just fit perfectly in my price range (200-300$), taste and quality expectations;
The Fossil Townsman.
Here's a look on the piece itself:
if the link doesn't work, here are some images:
Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Strap Fashion accessory
Analog watch Watch Watch accessory Strap Brown
Eyewear Analog watch Glasses Watch Fashion accessory

So, while looking around on this forum, i found out that Fossil was considered to be a "Fashion" brand, and not as a serious watch brand.
My question now is: As an amateur not very interested in having the best possible mechanical movement and who wants mostly just have a beautiful watch that yet has a respectable quality, is my choice good?
And how is fossil in general quality terms?

Note: I've also took a look on the Swatch Body&Soul, and it's nice too. Yet, i'm looking for a watch with a band, and not a bracelet, so that one doesn't suit me very well.

Hoping to find somebody who can help me!
PS: I'm Swiss (Yes a swiss person who buys chinese watches... what a sacrilege :think:) so excuse any english mistakes :)
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that movement is a Hangzhou 2189 movement, which has that distinct 'finger' over the stem. It's a rock solid movement, hand winding, non-hacking, 21600 bph, skeletonized, so somewhat like having a power reserve because you can see the mainspring. In this price range, you can actually find tons of skeletons using this same exact movement, as hangzhou tends to produce this movement expressly in its skeleton form.
the fossil :)
Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery

Here is the skeleton I use to own that had that same movement. Rotary Vintage Skeleton, really eye catching.
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