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I'm not saying that all Fossils suck. I'm just saying that the ones I have experience with have less than impressed me. The chrono second did not return to zero.
On most Chrono Fossils, if you pull the crown out one position and press the "Start" button for the chrono, it will advance the seconds counter one click. Do this until it gets to the "0" mark and push the crown back in. Viola, it now re-centers when you use it. For years, my chrono was off by one second and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I felt like the whole watch was now junk. I found this feature totally by accident one day when I had the crown out setting the time. I promptly did a facepalm and now feel better about the watch, lol. It's going on 12 years old and in that time, Fossil has replaced my movement once and the crystal once. They also swapped out my battery. All of this and I paid only 18 bucks (movement was under warranty, the 18$ covered shipping, new battery and new crystal). I'd say they make good watches for the money provided you don't pay more than 100 bucks. I was impressed with their customer service, so I'd rate them pretty highly for a fashion brand....
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