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I can't really say I've ever been impressed by a Fossil... anemic pushers, crappy bracelets, bad finishes. I own two. There are much better watches for the money
That said, they do have some styling designs. And the one leather strap of their that I had seemed to be of good quality. They make some quality leather wares, so that stands to reason.
I totally disagree. I have had NOTHING but good luck with fossils, and I cannot think of a watch I would rather have in the 35-50 dollar price bracket. Will agree the bracelets could be better, but again at the price range....

They are okay for the price you pay ($50~$100).

The movements inside the watch are the most economical movements you will ever find, made in the cheapest way possible. BUT they should keep okay time so if you like the look of the watch, why not?

As far as build quality, I find the build quality of my $70 Seiko is far superior to an equivalent Fossil.

Once you pass the $100 mark, I find other watchmakers more appealing. Of course Seiko and Citizen don't have the crazy styles that Fossil offers, so if that's what you want you should go for it. A fossil will still tell you the time. :p
Seiko has tons of ugly styles, cannot find a single one I even remotely like.
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