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I was curious to get to know a bit on the accuracy of my Laco Classics watch with a Miyota 9015 movement. So, I gathered data for about four weeks, and I am sharing it with you (hope that the forum section is correct).

I gathered the data points on accuracy with the Movement iOS app (‎Movement - Watch Tracker), which compares them with the Internet synchronized system clock.

I wore the watch daily, approximately from 08:00 to 22:00. Overnight, I left it in the same place, dial up. The app asks you for at least 3 measurements and averages them. I did between 3 and 6 each time, and had 1-2 measurement sessions per day.

The first interesting number. After almost one month, the watch sits at an average +0.33 seconds per day. Kudos to Citizen for this movement and to Laco for adjusting it.

But how does the movement behave?

In the first week, the Miyota gained seconds steadily, reaching ~+15.00 seconds (in total since day 1). This is slightly above +2.00 per day.

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The second week saw a weaker increase, I would say around +18.00 seconds (in total since day 1). This meant between +1.00 and +2.00 seconds per day, on average. Here you can see displayed the computed total average per day that I stated above.

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Week three saw the gap widening a bit, where the movement reached +20.00 seconds (in total since day 1).

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Week four has been a bit weird. The Miyota first increased again and reached +30.00 seconds in total, which was still within the +1.00 and +2.00 seconds per day interval, on average. But then, suddenly, a fall. The watch is currently at -8.70 seconds, hence, behind.

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Hope this helps those who might have been curious on the Miyota 9015!

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I’ve had several watches with the 9015. I’ve always felt they were equal to or sometimes better than my ETA watches. Also the crown operation was always smooth as butter on the 9015 watches. I only own one watch with the 9015 today. That watch gains about 2-3 seconds a day.
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