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Hello watch lovers. I just registered to the forum but i always found it helpful during my researches on internet. However now i am stuck and i need more help.

I have a vintage - probably made in France, early XX century - carriage clock with alarm in bronze case and leather box.

One of the problems in my way to identify this clock is that the dial is not signed "FRANCE, SWISS, GERMANY, etc." so i consider this being older then the 40's.
I consider being made in France by the movement structure and back plate patern.

It is only signed "LcF" or "LCF" or "LFc" or "LFC" and a serial 34117. Nothing else.

Now, could this be:

1. (simply) La Chaux de Fonds ?

2. L. Courvoisier & Cie (La Chaux de Fonds) ? / Courvoisier Freres ?

3. LeCoultre ?

4. Favre-Lebet ?

5. Lambert Freres & Cie ? (this is actually the first french name i came across, the first 4 are all swiss)

or other... ? If someone is familiar with this trademark, please inform me as soon as possible. I highly appreciate it!



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