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From what I know about the G-2300 line and the now-impossible-to-find strap adapters, AND from PacPart's website, it looks as though the G-2300-DM strap you linked does not attach directly to the watch, but instead uses strap adapters.

It's the "cover/end piece" listed halfway down this page: Casio G2300DM-4 Parts and Accessories

(I see that you're in the UK, so is probably your best parts source, but PacPart's site and parts database is a great source of information!)

The 2300 strap adapters are slightly different in appearance from the usual 5600 series strap adapters, and are curved to match the appearance of the 2300 watches. They both share the same 16mm lug width, and are otherwise interchangeable.

There are quite a few threads around here about "Frogman on NATO/Zulu strap" -- from what I can see, it requires a bit of trimming of the $12 USD adapters but no modification to the Frogman itself:

Edit: the "old," dark gray metallic 2300 adapters have been impossible to find for more than a year -- PacPart's website shows some colored ones as "Not in Stock" but I have no idea if they can still get them.
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