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Frogman MIRB -- Pictures!

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The Frogman GW-200MS just came in today.

The rusty colored LCD and brass-colored eye-ring are a great and unusual combination. The color represents the tough G-Shock spirit. It looks pretty tool-like on the wrist, but also goes well with a sweater and long-sleeve dress shirt (yes, I tried it out in the closet :oops:).

I think this is one of the few resin-based G-Shocks that can be worn with both casual and dress clothes... probably because it's a large and unsymmetrical watch that is technically interesting and unapologetically weird. I can tell that I'll be wearing this with attitude. b-)

I can't believe I didn't get it sooner (after seeing it on my brother's wrist). If you don't already have one and have been thinking about it, I recommend getting your hands on one before they dry up on the market.

Here are some quick and dirty pictures, standing in the kitchen with a point-and-shoot.

I absolutely love it; definitely a keeper with lots of wrist time.

Thanks for looking!
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In checking back in my email for the order of this MIRB, I realized that the order was from Justcalculators (on amazon), and not from Jomashop, as I mistakenly mentioned earlier. In any case, I definitely didn't order this MIRB from Watches-bay on ebay, but had I seen the thread for the fantastic deal before I made the order from amazon (which was then offered at $320), I would have ordered the MIRB from ebay, too! But I think it is definitely sold out alas, certainly by no disinterest of members on this forum!!!
I think this forum single-handedly cleaned out Watches-Bay of all their MIRB Frogs...

...we're like piranhas here. :think:
i am not sure, if it was me who posted the information about ebay, but i know i was too stupid/lazy to buy one for myself in time. didnt think there are so many piranhas lurking around here :roll:
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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