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Any ideas and suggestions are most welcome:

When short term memory deteriorates, ones social conversation can be
reduced to;
What day is it?
What's the date?
What year is it?
What month is it?

My wife's independence would be greatly enhanced with a classic
design watch that is analog familiar for time, and additionally
displays the above information. So far, I am finding calendar
watches are either complex mechanical (high cost) motions, or analog/
digital with dozens of additional chip functions with setting buttons
to confuse. A memory problem means you don't remember how to
manipulate setting buttons or crowns.
It also means you do not recognize an all digital display as a
watch. It becomes a foreign object .

Functions not needed nor wanted, are stopwatch chronograph, world
time, dual time, 24 hour time, tides, moon phases, etc. I have
found the usual day-date in abundance, both analog, or digital, or
analog/digital combination. Some include the month. If the watch
is labeled a calendar watch, there may be vague reference to year,
but method of year display is typically clouded in mystery.

With the new large population of boomers looking at elderly health
issues, one might think there is a market for watches aimed in that
direction. Any suggestions inside of a $200 budget?

Rod Coenen
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