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FS: 1959 ВОСТОЌ ПРЕЦИЗИОННЫЕ (WOSTOK Precision Class) cal. 2809 Chronometers - Made in USSR. X2!!

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FS: 1959 ВОСТОЌ ПРЕЦИЗИОННЫЕ (WOSTOK Precision Class) cal. 2809 Chronometers - Made in USSR. X2!!

FS: TWO ВОСТОЌ ПРЕЦИЗИОННЫЕ (WOSTOK Precision Class) cal. 2809 Chronometers

I'm not an expert on these, but I will try to convey what I know to be correct info. The movement of the first watch is marked 3-59, which I believe indicates it was made in the 3rd quarter of 1959. It is the famous 22-jewel caliber 2809, which was based upon Zenith Cal. 135, a chronometer movement that eliminated the center post in order to allow for a much larger balance wheel. Zenith Cal. 135 is quite famous, rare and expensive. It also has a small sub-seconds, whereas the Soviet version seen here is center-seconds. Caliber 2809 is generally recognized as the highest grade wristwatch movement ever made in the Soviet Union.

There were several version of this watch offered throughout the late 1950s and into the 1970s, I seem to recall. This is an early model with top-grade movement. All markings on this watch are in Cyrillic, and indicate it is the Precision Class. Other models had this listed in English (WOSTOK, etc.) rather than Cyrillic--they were export models (see second watch, below), this one is a USSR domestic model. Likewise, the case back is marked in Russian rather than English. Other 2809s were sold under brand names such as Almaz, Raketa, and Volna, but I have read that they were not as highly refined as the ВОСТОЌ ПРЕЦИЗИОННЫЕ--WOSTOK Precision Class.

The condition is as you see in the photos. I'm not sure how to classify it other than 'the fair side of good' because, although it is original and complete, there is clear wear to the chrome-plated case and the dial shows marks & age spots. However, this is a nearly 60-year old watch and the original materials used were not very high quality, so there are not a lot of these Precision Class models available in significantly better condition than this one. I placed it on my watch timer (dial down) and it ran for a minute or more at around +9 sec/day. It has not been serviced in the years I have owned it--I am confident it could be regulated to be quite accurate and reliable once serviced.

Please see the photos below and feel free to ask questions via e-mail. I bought these two watches thinking I might recase one of the movements into something larger with a display back to showcase the famous movement, but this is a really early version of some rarity, and it would not be right to alter it. So, I'm offering it and its comrade for your enjoyment.

Asking $175 including US shipping for the Domestic model. Reasonable offers considered. I am also offering the "export" model, very similar with gilt movement and English markings, for $200. See images below. I will sell both together for $350 shipped. PAYPAL, please--I will absorb the fees so you needn't worry about them. International shipping to be negotiated according to buyer's wishes.
Thank you for your time,

Domestic model $175:

Export model:

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