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After much thought, I have decided that I should let this one go. I really enjoyed being in the project and stuck without even though the watch didn't turn out to many of my personal preferences. I thought I would wear it, but the reality is I hardly do. Perhaps someone else will enjoy it more.

Watch is in near perfect condition, I say near as although I can't see anything wrong with it someone else might, also the leather band has been worn about 10-12 times. The metal band has been sized and worn once or twice. Comes with the original box, all spare links and the additional dragon rotor which has not been removed from its packaging.

Images can be found here:

imgur: the simple image sharer

Watch will be shipped from Australia. Asking price is $240 USD with buyer to cover shipping charges.

Edit. If you didn't see it in the images the watch is number 24 of the limited 155.

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