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For sale are a Staib mesh and a Hirsch Performance strap. Sold either separately or together at a small discount. Shipping worldwide from the UK using Royal Mail. Price includes shipping. Any customs taxes or duty are the buyer's responsibility. No returns, no refunds, no exchanges.

  • Staib £100
  • Hirsch £60
  • Both £150

What's included:
  • Staib: mesh strap, extra link
  • Hirsch: strap, buckle, two springbars

Condition (see photos):
  • Staib: excellent condition, no scratches, other than some very faint microswirls on the removable polished links at the clasp.
  • Hirsch: excellent condition, slight buckle mark between the second and third hole from the springbar, very faint marks on the leather near the springbars from scraping against a watch case.

  • Staib: legendary thick mesh, made in Germany. 130mm long, 20mm wide. 4 removable links (5mm each) plus one extra link, i.e. possible length from 110 to 135 in 5mm increments. 4mm thick at the springbars and throughout the mesh. Polished top and sides, brushed underside. Butterfly clasp with double triggers, some protective stickers still in place. Push pins sizing system.
  • Hirsch: black Caoutchouc rubber core with calfskin leather upper in gold brown. Water resistant to 300m. 110/70 length, 20mm wide at the springbars tapering to 18mm at the buckle. 5.5mm thick at the springbars and 2.8mm at the buckle. Includes two leather keepers, one fixed and one floating.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions send me a PM and I'll be glad to help you.

Staib photos

Sleeve Tie Rectangle Collar Wood

Blue Wood Line Rectangle Font

Azure Rectangle Line Fluid Composite material

Sleeve Wood Rectangle Font Silver

Hirsch photos

Brown Everyday carry Material property Rectangle Tints and shades

Rectangle Wood Belt Jewellery Watch accessory

Wood Strap Fashion accessory Metal Leather

Gesture Finger Everyday carry Thumb Wrist

Brown Rectangle Material property Magenta Wood
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